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"The Global RF/Microwave Semiconductors Industry" - a 55-page analytic & strategic report focusing on the players and the industry: diodes, transistors and MMICs. Single-user price: $960.

In advanced preparation, a global report on:

“Amplifiers, Oscillators and Integrated Microwave Assemblies” (‘AOIMAs’)

This is an update report on the earlier (2011) microwave & millimetre-wave ‘AIMAs’ but now including Oscillators and forecasting to year 2022. Focusing on connectorized modules but emphasizing the increasing impact of SMT-based products. Single-user price will be $2,900.

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Start your search here with these abridged details on our
mid-2015-released global reports:


Millimeter-wave MMICs

. The players:- identification of their technologies, frequency bands, etc.

. Recent developments and industry dynamics

. Frequency bands (V, E, W) and end-user segments

. GaAs-MMIC position and prospects (SWOT)

. SiGe-MMIC position and prospects (SWOT)

. MMICs for ACC applications: annual total addressable market forecasts (annual TAMs) to year 2020

. MMICs for V-band and E-band communications applications: annual
total addressable market forecasts are provided (annual TAMs) to year 2020

. 5G (60 GHz) is excluded - the jury is still out regarding this possible opportunity


          Price (single-user): US$1,490


OR: Exclusively the ACC portion: Price (single-user): US$690


OR: Exclusively the V-band & E-band portion: Price (single-user): US$1,100


In all instances "TAM" means Total Addressable Market

(almost always by value expressed as US$M in Engalco's reports)





 The (Microwave) CS MMICs Report

 This wide-ranging global update report was released on September 14, 2015

Covering GaAs, GaN, InP and SiGe MMICs - this 92-page report includes much new material as well as forecasts out to year 2020. We have identified 50 players, ranging from AMCOM to WIN and we have generated brief, terse profiles for each of these players. This report has a total of 62 charts - mainly column charts providing the market data (US$M). Further information:

. Covering microwave MMICs (500 MHz to 30 GHz)

. Frequency bands (L, S, X, Ku, Ka) and end-user segments

. GaAs, GaN and SiGe positions and prospects (strong focus on the very substantial progress in GaN technology)

. Average selling prices (base year 2014 & forecasts through to 2020)

  . In all instances Power Amplifier (PA) and non-PA MMIC TAM data are provided for base year 2014 and forecasted through to 2020

. Market forecasts (TAMs) for MMICs into: AESAs, EW, ISM, microwave radios, K/Ka-band VSAT and Ku-band VSAT


Price (single-user): US$2,990

Or: you can purchase both the Millimeter-wave Report (2015) and the CS MMICs (2015) Report as a pair. Our price for this option is US$3,900 (single-user)

OR: you are welcome to choose any combination @ single user prices ranging from $990 through $1490


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“Engalco’s Executive Director Terry Edwards performed detailed and extensive RF-based industrial research for our group in and presented the results effectively at a live meeting to senior management….. We gained insights into key markets that have helped us tremendously in developing effective strategies and plans.” – Paul Wilson, NXP Semiconductors

“Engalco prepared for Phonon in 2012 a custom study of a targeted segment of the world oscillator market. Engalco delivered good technical knowledge of the product and its many applications…. a comprehensive report at a reasonable price and on time… would engage Engalco for a future market study.” – Tom Martin, President, Phonon Corp

"Engalco's reports have provided us with the comprehensive view of the very market that is strategically important to us. What is also impressive about Engalco is their commitment to meeting their clients' needs. They are very responsive to our inquiries, open to discussions and willing to share information, which is a rare attribute nowadays for a research vendor." Naoko Doi, Kyocera America

All our research is independent in perspective and you will doubtless be aware that you absolutely need independently provided industry and market information.


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• Aerospace and defense sectors


 • Commercial – including handset technology


• Industrial – including automotive radars


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